Invoice Factoring for Businesses in the Telecommunications Industry

30, 60 and 90-day invoice payment terms are common in the telecommunications industry and usually don’t coincide with the billing cycle of suppliers and payroll payments. To help you bridge the gap effectively, we offer invoice factoring solutions designed especially for companies in this industry, from those involved in engineering, construction and installation to those providing maintenance and power services. With our company, Working Capital of America, you will receive receivables financing equivalent to an unsecured business line of credit, but with much simpler and more flexible terms.


How It Works

What is invoice factoring? When you choose our financing solution, you will receive a cash advanced for your invoices. The steps include:

  1. We purchase your invoices and wire transfer up to 95% of their face value to your bank account on the very same day. There is also an option for next business day ACH funding. With the ability to provide up to $5,000,000 in what is equivalent to a business line of credit, we work with companies of all sizes in the telecommunications industry, including those taking up large projects.
  2. Our account managers collect payments from your clients keeping the same billing terms and conditions arranged with you. With our exemplary customer service, all parties involved receive first-class treatment.
  3. You receive the outstanding invoice amount from us once your clients pay. We will deduct our small fee directly from this amount to make things even easier for you. Working Capital of America is known for offering some of the best rates in the market for AR financing services.Our purchase order factoring solution has the same steps. The difference is that we will pay your suppliers when you have one or more major orders coming up instead of wiring the cash to you. PO factoring minimizes the risk of slowdowns and can even help you qualify for an early payment discount.


How It Helps Your Business

With our AR financing solution, you will have a larger amount of working capital at any given time, regardless of your customer billing cycle. This will make it easier for you to cover payroll payments and those to suppliers, renters and other counterparts. With the financial aspects of running your business covered, you will be able to focus entirely on your business operations which are traditionally complex in the telecommunications industry. Many of the companies that will work with use the financing to realize their investment plans for gaining a more competitive market position and achieving growth.

You can use our invoice factoring services even if you have bad credit or no credit history at all. Our decision on whether to provide financing to you is based on your clients’ ability to pay, meaning we will not be overly preoccupied with your financials and tax returns. There is no collateral involved with our invoice loans, keeping the risk for your business as low as possible.


How to Get Started

Apply directly on our website in just 30 seconds or contact us to learn more and request a no-obligation quote. With short application processing times not exceeding 72 hours, you can have your cash advance sooner than you could have imagined.