Factoring and PO Financing for Manufacturing Companies

You are focused on planning, budgeting, production and inventory management and building your relationship with customers and despite all the hard work struggle with paying your bills on time. The traditional business line of credit is not the only solution available to manufacturing companies.

Factoring, also known as AR financing, and PO financing enable you to increase your working capital without going through the lengthy application procedures of banks. With Working Capital of America, you will receive a financial solution tailored to the needs of your business.


Effective Solution for Any Situation

Accounts receivable financing is based on the factor, our company, purchasing your invoices. You receive up to 95% of their face value up front, with the funds being wired to your account on the same day. The remainder minus a small administrative and processing fee is wired to you once we obtain the payment by your customers. For them, the terms and conditions remain the same. Our account managers ensure that all payment process go smoothly.

Purchase order factoring works in a similar way and is designed for manufacturing companies that have order-based instead of mass production. When you receive a big order and need to purchase more supplies and even hire extra equipment and staff, you can send the invoice to use to receive the funds that you require in advance. After we collect the payment from your customer, we will wire the remainder minus our fee.

What makes Working Capital of America stand out in addition to the attractive rates is our commitment to providing a customer service of exceptional quality. Our financial specialists will come up with an effective and flexible solution for you, helping you decide what portion of your invoices to factor and what fraction of the payment owed to you to receive in advance.


What Makes Factoring a Great Choice?

When you choose our factoring services for your manufacturing business, you will enjoy:

Flexibility – Invoice factoring works like a business line of credit supplying you with cash, but without the rigorous initial assessment process and the long-term commitment. You decide when to use our solution and how.

Effective debt management – When you have sufficient working capital at hand, it will be easier for you to repay lenders and to build a solid credit history.

Saving money – With our factoring solution, you can pay suppliers more quickly to qualify for discounts. This is how you will have even more cash at hand while reducing our costs.

Open to All

Working Capital of America is here to help manufacturing companies regardless of their size, financial situation, operation specifics or development stage. Count on us if:

  • Your company is a startup
  • You have bad credit or no credit history
  • You are looking to grow

Apply for purchase order or receivables financing with us now by filling out the short online form. Our check is designed to determine how dependable your customers are when it comes to paying what they owe. You will get a reply from us within 48 to 72 hours. At this point, you can begin sending your invoices to us. Let’s begin!