Factoring Designed for Maintenance and Janitorial Services

Always perfect, always on time! If you have trouble keeping this motto because long invoice payment terms leave you with little working capital, we give you a solution called factoring or receivables financing. It works like a business line of credit, but without the arduous application process and the often restrictive terms and conditions. At Working Capital of America, our team makes sure that you receive a financing solution matching the needs of your business for maintenance and janitorial services precisely.


3 Steps for Better Cash Flow Management

Factoring is all about getting money when you need it instead of waiting for your clients to pay. If a company sells its accounts receivables to a factor, it gets a cash advance. Here is how our process works in greater detail.

Step 1: You make an online application, which takes no more than a minute, and receive a reply from us within 48 to 72 hours. Unlike traditional financing application processing, we don’t focus on your company’s credit history, financials and tax returns, but on the ability of your customers to pay.

Step 2: Once you get approved, you can send us any number of your invoice and we will wire up to 95% of their face value to you within 24 hours. You can opt for next business day ACH funding also.

Step 3: We collect the payments from your customers and wire the remainder of the face value to you after subtracting our service fee. Our great rates are among the main reasons why so many businesses including companies for maintenance and janitorial services choose us.


Invoice Loans vs. Bank Loans

We don’t make you jump through hoops to get the financing you need to keep your business running, with the application process being highly simplified. You will not get an immediate no if you bad credit or no credit history at all.

Large business loans and lines of credit provided by banks typically require collateral. When your assets’ value doesn’t match their requirements or the risk is too high, this simply won’t work for you. Our invoice factoring solution is a more straightforward alternative enabling you to make the most out of the money that you actually earn instead of borrowing more.


Taking Advantage of Factoring

Think of our AR financing solution as an unsecured line of credit that you can use flexibly, depending on your needs. With it you can:

Manage your payroll payments and have happy and dedicated employees.

Cover your ongoing expenses including those for supplies, equipment and vehicle maintenance and rent.

Meet increasing demand for your maintenance and janitorial services. You can easily increase your working capital with our factor invoicing services to seize opportunities and build your reputation.

Grow your business. The team of Working Capital of America is here to help you invest in marketing, better materials and machines, staff training and anything else required to take your company forward.

Make an application with us now or contact us to receive a quote and personalized advice. It’s time to set your company for maintenance and janitorial services on the path to achieving great things.