Factoring Services for Companies with Government Contracts

Federal and state government contracts present lucrative business opportunities for companies of virtually all industries, but they usually require a considerable amount of working capital. If you struggle with this aspect of your business, our company, Working Capital of America, can help by providing an invoice factoring solution designed especially for you. Get the cash advance that you need to fulfil your contracts and win more. We bring to the table great rates that are among the lowest in the market and financing expertise based on over two decades of industry experience.


How Invoice Factoring Works

Our company offers a financial solution comparable to a business line of credit, but minus the long and complex application process, the digging through your financials and credit history and the need to provide collateral in case of a higher risk involved. It involves selling your invoices, or more precisely, your accounts receivable to us. You will obtain up to 95% of the amount the government agency owes you within 24 hours of submitting the invoices.

Usually, we will wire transfer the sum directly to your bank account on the same day. The other option we offer is ACH funding on the next business day.

With our factoring solutions for government contractors, you can have complete peace of mind about billing agencies. We handle the payment collection process professionally following the terms and conditions that you have settled for. You can expect to build a strong reputation with the institutions and people that you work with. Upon receipt of the funds, we will transfer the remainder to you after subtracting our small service fee.

You can take advantage of our receivables financing solutions and of the more specific option – purchase order financing. The only difference is that we will use the cash advance to pay your suppliers instead of wiring it directly to you, to help you begin working on your government contract as early as possible. This enables you to achieve higher efficiency and cost-efficiency, if you qualify for an early payment discount.


What Makes Receivables Financing an Effective Solution

Using our factoring services for government contracts gives you greater flexibility and a stronger competitive edge. Unlike banks offering traditional loans, we help businesses of all sizes, including small ones and startups. Your credit history doesn’t play a leading role because government agencies are reliable payees and this is what we are interested in.

When you have larger working capital with our AR and PO financing solutions, you can not only complete projects successfully and on time, but offer longer payment terms to win more government contracts. This will boost your chances of significantly.


Obtaining Financing Made Easy

Take your business forward with us by making an online application today. The dedicated team of Working Capital of America will process it within 48 to 72 hours. Then you can start selling your accounts receivables to us. You decide how many of them to transfer and what portion of the face value to receive in advance. Team up with us to grow your business with ever more profitable government contracts.