Invoice Factoring Designed for Food Manufacturers and Distributors

Time is money and more so in the food manufacturing and distribution industry where companies work with perishable products. When you strive to be up your trade, but cash is limited, you can use our invoice factoring solution designed to work as an unsecured business line of credit, but without the long and complex application process and the balance sheet changes. At Working Capital of America, our experienced consultants and account managers are here to help you with increasing your working capital and using it more effectively.


Unique Form of Financing

Factoring is also known as receivables financing and enables you to use the money that your clients owe you before they pay to you. Our company will purchase your invoices from you and pay up to 95% of their face value on the same day or provide ACH funding on the next business day, depending on your preferences. You will receive the remainder minus our small fee for administration and processing once your clients pay to us. For them, the payment terms and conditions will not change in any way.

Working Capital of America stands out by offering highly competitive rates, great flexibility allowing you to factor as many invoices as you wish for any fraction of their face value up to 95% and excellent customer service based on two decades of industry experience. We have an extremely quick online application process – you’ll know the outcome in 48 to 72 hours.


Helping You Survive and Thrive

What makes our invoice factoring service an effective solution to food manufacturers and distributors?
Use the working capital you receive for covering all operating costs on time. Our AR financing solution helps you achieve the financial stability necessary for solidifying your market position and reputation.

Manage ups and downs in demand more effectively. While food manufacturers and distributors experience smaller market shocks compared to companies in many other industries, they could still cause trouble for small businesses. When you have more orders coming in we can help with purchase order financing. When you experience a slowdown, our cash advances will enable you to keep going.

Grow your business by using your own money to invest in more advanced equipment, employee training, marketing or anything else that will give you a competitive boost. Our invoice factoring solution is a simpler and easier alternative to the traditional large business loans.


Who Can Qualify?

The simple answer is practically anyone, but we will be more specific:

Food manufacturers and distributors of all sizes and specialization – It doesn’t matter whether your business is big or small or whether you make or distribute meat, seafood, dairy, baking goods or any other type of product.

Companies with bad credit or no credit history – Unlike banks, we don’t inspect rigorously your credit records, financial statements and tax returns, but just want to ensure that your clients are credible.

Startups trying to make it in the competitive industry – You could be marvelous at making and/or distributing great food, but running a business is a lot more than this. When financing receivables with us, you will manage your finances and cash flow more easily and be able to focus on what you shine at.

Go ahead and take advantage of the Working Capital of America factoring solutions for food manufacturers and distributors.