We Offer Consulting Services for Various Industries

Working Capital of America is eager to boost your cash flow and help your business thrive. Being in the financing industry, we understand that there’s no one-size-fits-all solution for your financing needs. So, we provide industry-specific consultation and tailor-made solutions that respond to your unique needs.

Our invoice factoring consulting firm helps businesses in the following industries:

Construction Companies

We help find the best financing solutions for construction projects and equipment upgrades.

Oil and Gas Service Companies

Our seasoned financing experts help you determine the best way to maintain a smooth cash flow.

Maintenance and Janitorial Services

Let’s work together to find out how to get the capital your commercial cleaning business needs.

Aerospace Suppliers Industry

We help you keep up with the typically high production costs for aerospace industries.

Food Manufacturers and Distributors

We help businesses in the food and beverage industry cater to greater customer demands.

Telecommunications Industry

Our financing consultants work closely with businesses in the telecommunications industry.

Government Contractors

We help you secure those lucrative business opportunities from federal and state governments.

Wholesale Distributors

Expand your warehousing and distribution services with the help of our seasoned consultants.

Automotive Suppliers

Automotive suppliers and manufacturers trust our consulting service to address financial situations.

B2B Companies

Our financing-related consulting services are available for all B2B general service companies.

Our company is small enough to be flexible and dynamic when it comes to financing consultation and follow-up solutions. But our company is also large enough to fund projects up to $10 million.

Invoice factoring is our specialty so if you’re new to the concept, we can walk you through the process and help your business grow. We’re also well-versed in small business and start-up line of credit solutions. If you’re not sure how to handle bigger orders, we’ll help you figure out the best move for your business.

Tell us your financing concerns today. Let our accounts receivable consulting services help you survive now and thrive in the long run.