Getting a business loan or line of Credit for a Construction company, General Contractor, or a Subcontractor can be incredibly difficult due to the risky nature of the construction industry and banks overall low risk tolerance towards commercial construction contractors. If a company has open accounts receivable, working with a factoring company to obtain small business financing maybe the best and quickest option to get a business loan or line of credit.

The construction industry is one of the many sectors that can benefit from invoice factoring services. As a sub-contractor or construction company, you are often times waiting 30 to 90 days to get paid, and frequently up to a year or more to get paid for any retainage charges. Over 90% of all commercial contractors that apply for a loan or line of credit at their bank are denied a business loan or are offered a line of credit that does not meet their business needs. Because obtaining a conventional business loan is not feasible through a traditional bank. Selling your accounts receivables might be the best way to ease the cash flow issues your company may encounter as it grows. There are various factors to consider before choosing the correct construction factoring company for you. Do they have the knowledge of the construction industry? Is their credit department experienced enough to ensure you will get paid in a timely manner? Working Capital of America is not the only construction invoice factoring company but, we are one of the best and have the best factoring fees and rates in the industry. If you’re looking for an invoice factoring company that can offer you the best factoring rates in the industry, and the knowledge and expertise to work with you and your company to grow, Working Capital of America is the best choice! With over twenty years of experience in accounts receivable financing we always put our factoring clients best interests first!

Selling receivables is an innovative and low cost option to finance your company’s growth. Don’t wait to take advantage of the boom in the industry and get the funds you need now to take your business to the next level. Call us today and see for yourself why we are at the lead in factoring companies for small businesses.

Types of Factoring services that Working Capital of America offers: