Flexible Factoring Other B2B General Service Companies

Not seeing your industry on the list of invoice factoring solutions offered by Working Capital of America? This doesn’t mean that we cannot provide receivables financing to you. With over two decades of industry experience, out company can tailor the ideal funding solution to any business offering B2B services, from consulting and marketing to brokerage and education and training.


Why Work with Us

The simple and quick application process makes our invoice factoring solution much more straightforward compared to bank credit lines and loans. Don’t expect us to dig through your credit history and financials, but to assess your customer’s ability to pay. We’ll let you know the outcome of your application in no more than 72 hours and maybe in just 42 hours.

With us, you will get some of the best factoring invoicing terms and conditions in the industry. When we purchase your invoices, you can get up to 95% of the total face value up front with a same-day wire transfer or ACH funding on the next business day, regardless of whether your customers have up to 30, 60 or 90 days to pay you.

As our company takes over your accounts receivable, it is our responsibility to manage the payment of the invoices, while you concentrate on your core business activities. With more than two decades of industry experience, you can rely on Working Capital of America to help you maintain your relationships with customers in the process. The terms for them do not change.

You will receive the remainder of the invoice amount once it is paid to us after we subtract out service fee. With rates as low as 1%, our offer is hard to beat.


Greater Stability and Better Opportunities

The market situation in any industry can be turbulent at times and this is when we can help. While you can keep your current invoice payment terms and even extend them to attract new customers, you will receive 95% of the cash up front the moment you factor your invoices with us. This will enable you to stay afloat and even establish a more competitive market position.

You have just been hired to carry out a major project or you have acquired a large new customer, but there is no time to celebrate because you need extra cash to cover your operating costs. Instead of applying for a traditional large or small business line of credit, you can rely on our company for financing receivables, while you use your expertise to deliver B2B services of exceptional quality.

Don’t let cash insufficiency stop you from growing your business. With our so-called invoice loans, you can get the funds that your clients own you in advance and put your money in marketing for gaining new customers, employee training to stay ahead of competitors or anything else that you require.


The First Step Towards AR Financing

You are welcome to apply regardless of the nature of your B2B services, the size of your business and the numbers on your balance sheet and income statement. At Working Capital of America, our experienced team is here to help all companies looking to achieve success.