Factoring Solutions for Companies in Aerospace Industries

The high production costs are typical for all aerospace industries and this makes it difficult for businesses of all sizes and stages of development to manage their working capital. If you need extra cash, we can help with our invoice factoring and purchase order financing solutions. Our company, Working Capital of America, has two decades of experience in the financial industry offering more flexible and more easily accessible products compared to the small and large business loans provided by banks.


How AR and PO Financing Works

Accounts receivable financing is based on the purchase of invoices and is called factoring. We will purchase your invoices and wire 95% of their face value to your company within 24 hours to give you the short term working capital that you require immediately. This is an effective solution for businesses in aerospace industries that usually have to wait for 30 to 90 days to receive their payment.

When we have your invoices, our account managers will bill your customers under the same terms and conditions as originally agreed with you. At Working Capital of America, our goal is to help you manage your cash flow while building strong and lasting relationships with your clients. Upon receipt of the funds, we will wire the remainder of the invoice amount to you and charge a small fee for our service. Having some of the best rates in the industry makes our factoring company a top choice for numerous businesses.

Our purchase order financing solutions are designed to help you when you have one or several big orders coming up and you need to purchase more supplies. Our job is to pay your suppliers to help you get started on time and possibly secure a discount for early payment. Upon collecting the payment from your client, you will receive the remainder from which our fee will be subtracted.


Is Factoring the Right Solution for You?

We are proud to offer our clients in the aerospace industries financing equivalent to a business line of credit, but without the hurdles for obtaining it. You can rely on us no matter what your circumstances are.

Having a small company that is just starting out means cash is rarely abundant, yet alone sufficient. The lack of credit history can be a serious challenge to obtaining a bank loan. With our factoring services, you can get the cash that you need when you need it to keep your business running.

Bad credit, previous tax lien problems and insufficient collateral are all factors that can make getting traditional financing quite difficult, but we can still help you out. With Working Capital of America, these have little relevance, because for us, the important thing is how financially credible your clients are.

Plans for growth and expansion should not be put on hold because of limited working capital. Get the money you need now to invest in new equipment, product development or anything else that will take your company forward.


How to Begin

You can apply for our invoice factoring solution regardless of your company’s size and whether you are civil, government or military contractor. Fill our short online form and you will hear from us within 48 to 72 hours.